Adopt a Bed Project

TAX Certification

Dear Supporter of St Joseph’s,

Many supporters of good causes in South Africa are unaware of the fact that they can make a tax-deductible donation for the financial year ending on March 31, 2018.

St Joseph’ s is a section 18A organization and we would like to encourage our supporters and donors to make a donation to the Home. If you donate an amount not exceeding 10% of your taxable income for the year, you are entitled to receive a tax certificate which could be presented to receive your tax rebate! Why not save by giving to a worthy organization like St Joseph’s.

You can donate by going to

Or phone Alrika for more information.

Financial Sustainability

The subsidy from the Health Western Cape funds a subsidy on 117 beds.

It costs R602 per day to accommodate a child in its bed. This includes 24 hr. nursing care, rehabilitation, social work support, medicines, special nutritional programmes, transport to visit parents during weekends and regular clinic visits, food parcels, accommodation and empowerment of the parents regarding knowledge of their child’s condition, reintegration programmes back into the community and other holistic services needed to assist the child in its healing process. The shortfall per bed per year is R39,960.