Thea Patterson, director of the Home, Jors van Niekerk, CEO MortageMax, Liz de Mink, winner of the charity raffle and Danny Munro, regional manager MortageMax.

Liz de Mink, a supporter of St Joseph’s became the first winner of MAXCARE and nominated St Joseph’s as her charity:

“I am a Mortgage Origination Consultant and operate independently as a small business in Panorama,(De Mink Property Finance Consultants (Pty) Limited) since 2004, under the “umbrella” of Mortgage Max which is a subsidiary of the BETTERLIFE GROUP.

As everyone is aware, the big financial institutions and other corporates have for very many years offered “incentives” to business associates in the form of overseas trips, expensive gifts and “sponsorships”.

At a meeting with Mr Jors van Niekerk, the CEO of MORTGAGEMAX about two years ago I discussed with him my concern about the very large sums of money still being spent on these so-called “incentives” at a time when such funds could now rather be donated to charitable organisations for the upliftment of the very many impoverished people in this country.

As I am a very small fish in a very big pond, I did not think my concern would be heeded but  I  am  delighted  to tell you  that  Mortgage Max/Betterlife did indeed listen to  my  plea and  in addition to more than R500 000  betterlife has already donated to charity this year, mortgage max introduced a  ‘Corporate Social Investment Programme’  called  MAXCARE.  

 Every quarter a Mortgage Max Mortgage Origination Consultant (and there are many of us all over South Africa!) can nominate a charity of his/her choice and write a small motivation why that charity should benefit. The five best nominations are selected, the names put into a hat and a name randomly drawn from the hat at the MortgageMAX head office in Johannesburg.    This fantastic ‘incentive’ was introduced in September and every quarter one Consultant’s charity will benefit to the tune of R20 000!”

St Joseph’s was again the grateful recipient of a R350,000 donation from SPAR Western Cape as part of their annual charity golf day.

SPAR Western Cape . From left are Colin Patterson (marketing SPAR), Pallotine Sisters: Sister Priscilla, Sister Annemarie (SAC) and Mario Santana (CEO SPAR)