Dear St Joseph’s Supporter,

You may recall our nappy campaign we started last year. We had a bright idea and I hope you can again add to its brilliance!

Every 24 hours we use more than 970 disposable nappies in our five wards.

Last year our operational bill to buy nappies cost more than R200,000. This is a huge expense the Home faces every year. So, we have come up with a plan- a HAPPY NAPPY campaign…for the second year running! It will be called “Our 100 days of giving”, to honour Madiba’s 100-year legacy.

The campaign will run from the 1 st of July to the 20th of September.

Last year we had a real lift off when, thanks to so many donations-cash and kind-collected: R23,315 cash and received 16,405 nappies which lead to a total saving of R81,408. Staff, individuals, companies, volunteer groups and business took our call to heart! We appeal to all OUR FRIENDS to help us and make this a brilliant campaign for the children.
This year we would like to double the nappies! This means: double the cash, double the in-kind nappies and deliver in an even bigger way. We are also partnering with BackaBuddy and 67give to strengthen our campaign and we hope to stretch our ASK far and wide!

We hope to raise R50,000, collect 40,000 nappies and have a total saving of R120,000!

How can you help?

Thank you,
Alrika Hefers
Manager Resource Development Manager
Cell: 0846617953