Nelson Mandela Day not only celebrates Nelson Mandela’s life, but it is a global call to action for people to recognize their ability to have a positive effect on others around them.

We invite you to and organisations around the world to get involved with us by participating in the Happy Nappy Drive to promote Mandela Day.

Who are we?

St. Joseph’s Home, in Cape Town South Africa, is the oldest pediatric hospital and has during the past 83 years nursed and rehabilitated over 20,000 children. These children are from poverty-stricken communities and have life-threatening conditions. The best holistic care is provided free of charge to more than 500 ill children every year.

#ActionAgainstPoverty, the theme of Nelson Mandela Day 2019

At St Joseph’s Home is the perfect partner for Nelson Mandela Day as most of our children come from informal settlements where clean water, electricity, sanitation and nutritious food are in short supply. Together with the parents/family/caregivers we rehabilitate children who have life threatening conditions and facilitate the child’s healing process.

Happy Nappy Drive

At St Josephs all our children wear nappies. So we use over 1000 nappies a day and have a bill of over R200 000 every year just for nappies alone. Our nappy drive is to rally up people, companies, churches, schools to help us collect nappy funds or donate actual nappies. Our Goal is to raise R80 000 and to collect 40 000 nappies from July to September 2019. Read more about the campaign on our website.

We will help you get started

Please contact us and be a driver of change. We can supply you with artwork, radio ads, video or whatever material you need to share the campaign. Organisations can increase your social impact.

Or it can be as simple as sharing our campaign on Social Media. Read more about it on our website.

At St Joseph’s we walk our talk

Every year our staff run their own nappy drive and last year they collected over 1700 nappies themselves. This year some of our exchange students have started their own crowdfunding page in the Netherlands.

We are taught that giving is important to help others, but giving is also important to help you.

Life is calling us to be more than just about ourselves.

Give nappies, Feel Great!





Alrika Hefers

St Joseph’s Home for Chronically ill Children

Tel: +27 21 934 0352