The start of 2016 brought new challenges to the Nursing School and SJH is currently facilitating a Child Health Skills Programme in Collaboration with Robin Trust.
Seventeen learners started on 1st October with 14 completing the programme. The next course started on November 1st.






The last class of ENA’s 2015 who graduated in October 2016. Eighteen students have graduated from the last accredited ENA course- as we have come to know it- which has been offered by St Joseph’s since 2008. Three students passed the course with Honours: Samantha Hugo, Mandisa Jumba and Charmaine van der Merwe. One practical distinction: Samantha Hugo. Six theoretical distinctions: Samantha Hugo, Mandisa Jumba, Sylvia Koeloe, Nodumo Mbedle, Charmaine van der Merwe and Judy Van Wyk.

Five staff nurses have also been selected to do the bridging course from Staff Nurse to Registered Nurse. Four started in November and one in December

Mary Lewis, Charon Vosloo, Salome Van der Vent, Nolubabalo Kutuka and Juliana Lucas (Dec).