Our 24- hour nursing includes both general and specialised nursing care. The department is staffed by registered nurses, enrolled nurses, auxiliary nurses and carers. We have more than 58 staff working in the nursing section. The nursing services manager, is Sister Audrey Gourrah. She holds a B. Tech degree in Primary Health care, a diploma in Nursing Management and Community Health Care and more than 10 years’ experience in paediatric nursing at a tertiary Hospital. Our competent, skilled and qualified nursing staff are committed to rendering 24- hour holistic health care to our patients. Our Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) exceeds 85% throughout the year. Regular admissions meetings are conducted and includes all the medical and support disciplines at the Home. We adhere to the Intermediate Health Care Policies of Health Western Cape and receive a subsidy per bed up to 117 beds. The rest of the beds are regarded as “social cases”.  Logistical support, given by SJH’s operational section, plays an important role as we ensure that all patients are transported to and from hospitals for follow-up clinic appointments. We also collect new admissions at various acute hospitals and transport children home for weekends and outings.

We have a bed capacity of just more than 140, and care for patients with different ailment categories e.g. oncology, respiratory, Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology and HIV / Aids /TB. Apart from providing routine nursing care, the administration of prescribed medication, and ensuring the comfort of our patients, we also offer special nursing care In order to provide health care of the highest quality we support the development and further training of all our nursing staff. Currently, our Nursing School is unable to train ENA’s as the national training certification is under review. In order for us to keep our own momentum, we have now embarked on a funded programme to upskill our staff internally.

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Our Spaces:

 Sunflower Ward (25 beds)  

The new rehabilitation ward


Daisy Ward (25 beds) Children diagnosed with malnutrition, HIV, cancer or diabetes between 0 – 9 years old
Sweet Basil (30 beds) Includes children with neuro-developmental conditions between 0-9 years old
Freesia Ward (33 beds) Girls diagnosed with a life threatening illness from 10-18 years old
Protea Ward (30 beds) Boys diagnosed with a life threatening illness from 10-18 years old