Occupational Therapy

We have two full time Occupational Therapists with four years’ degrees in B/BSc Occupational Therapy and registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa


Occupational Therapy can be divided into three fields of specialty namely physical rehabilitation, psychiatric/mental health and learning disabilities. Children in these categories are assessed and treated according to their needs in order to improve or achieve maximum independence in all facets of daily life. This includes work/school, play, free time, personal care and social skills.

Occupational Therapy incorporates activities designed to motivate the patient to achieve specific goals, resulting in greater self reliance and independence.

A full assessment of all children up to five years of age is undertaken soon after admission. Occupational therapy is aimed at rectifying any delay in the child’s development. Such therapy includes teaching infants to sit, crawl and walk and preparing the crèche children to the correct developmental level to go to school. In addition, we treat children on an out-patient basis.



Because of the children’s frequent absence from school, and a degree of social isolation resulting from their illness, they are often behind in their schoolwork and social development skills. Our role is to close this gap with high quality remedial therapy and perceptual training.

We provide muscle strength and range of motion therapy to get the patient as independent as possible. We teach our children activities of daily living i.e. how to bathe, eat and dress.

An additional component of Occupational and Physiotherapy is the organization of activities for children in the afternoons. These include recreational activities, cooking, and games in our toy library. Outings and activities for children over holiday times are organized. All activities are designed to complement the various therapies we provide.