St Josephs Home school in the early days

Education has been an integral part of the service delivery at St Joseph’s Home since its inception in 1935. In the early years the children who were bedridden were taught from their beds whilstthose who were ambulant sat at desks at the end of their beds.
Initially the children were taught by the Nuns. While undergoing medical treatment and nursing care the children received primary education. In 1986, thanks to a large donation from Germany the Home was able to build a fully fledged Primary school.

A separate school building was erected between the Home and the playgrounds providing classrooms for grades 1 to 8 as well as a library. Until then the children had been taught in the medical wards.

In 2004 the schools status changed from a hospital school to a special school. For the first time the school opened its doors to learners with learning and medical disabilities from the surrounding neighbourhoods.