Speech and Language Therapy

From the moment they are born, children learn to speak and understand language through regular interaction with and attachment to their mothers or care-givers.  Most of the children at St Joseph’s Home have been hospitalised for long periods and require continuing medical care and rehabilitation because of their chronic illness or other condition, which may interrupt or delay their acquisition of speech and language.

The Speech and Language Therapists at St Joseph’s Home assess patients and provide direct and indirect management to medium-term in-patients or patients attending our short-term therapy programme. The patients may present with complex speech, language, communication and/or feeding difficulties relating to their medical condition, tracheotomy or prolonged hospitalisation.  We follow a holistic approach to treating each child’s needs assessing their daily environment and routines to ensure that speech and language use is stimulated, that they have social interaction with their peers, that there are opportunities for play and for exploring their environment and that all aspects of child development are fostered.

We emphasise training and collaborating with parents/care-givers, volunteers, nurses and all staff who work with the children to ensure understanding of and promotion of each child’s speech therapy goals in their daily lives and activities.

We offer the following services:

  • Alternative and augmentative communication
  • Dysphagia management
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Tracheotomy–related speech disorders and feeding difficulties
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Speech and language rehabilitation
  • Auditory screening and monitoring
  • Aural rehabilitation