Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018: How can we support and help the children

2018 will be a busy year for St Joseph’s and donors and supporters will be presented with
many opportunities to be part of giving back to the children at SJH!

TAX certification

Dear Supporter of St Joseph’s,

Many supporters of good causes in South Africa are unaware of the fact that they can make a tax- deductible donation for the financial year ending on March 31, 2018.

St Joseph’ s is a section 18A organization and we would like to encourage our supporters and donors to make a donation to the Home. If you donate an amount not exceeding 10% of your taxable income for the year, you are entitled to receive a tax certificate which could be presented to receive your tax rebate! Why not save by giving to a worthy organization like St Joseph’s.

You can donate by going to www.stjosephshome.org.za Or phone us for more information.

Adopt a bed programme: Monthly or annual contributions

Happy Nappy Campaign: 1 July 2018- 30 September 2018

  • Global volunteer campaign: 15 November 2018-15 December 2018
  • Food parcel support: May 2018 and November 2018
  • Toiletries support: Throughout the year
  • Support our 2018 Stellenberg Open Days event: Dates to be announced.

Become part of our volunteer programme: Ongoing.

Other interesting options:

  • Consider us in your Will or add us to your current Will
  • Living Bequest: Consider us as your Charity of Choice at the end of your financial tax year- we are both NGO and PBO registered
  • BBBEE scorecard: We are registered and can assist you to gain your points.

Please visit our website www.stjosephshome.org.za for the latest news and appeals,


Phone Alrika Hefers at 021-9340352

Or e-mail her at alrika@stjosephshome.org.za.