New Vehicle Blessed !


Children, staff, Pallottine Sisters and Father Thaddeus attended the Blessing of St Joseph’s new vehicle. The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation, a long standing supporter of St Joseph’s, contributed the shortfall needed to purchase a new vehicle.  Thank you!


Father Thaddeus performs the Blessing of the new vehicle.


From left: Stella (Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation), Thea (Director SJH), Mandy (Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation) and Alrika (Manager Resource Development SJH).

Campaign Update: Wet Wipe Campaign + Donations

Your support has assisted St Joseph’s in times of drought! 

News on our wet wipes campaign!

We cannot thank the donors enough for donating to our Wet Wipes campaign. It has made our work during these difficult water saving times so much easier. Thank you!

Matron Audrey Gourrah

Thank you to all our donors, supporters and friends who supported our urgent call for wet wipes!   You have been most generous. Your donation has enabled us to support our water savings initiative to use baby wet wipes- in most cases- instead of water.

During the past ten days’ campaign we recorded an amazing amount of R76 257.54 thanks to your generous donation!  This amount includes cash and the value of the “in-kind” donations.

It is our mission to give the children at St Joseph’s the best possible care and it is only with the help of people like you that we are able to continue to fulfil this important task.  Thank you for being part of our dreams and vision to improve the lives of the children in our care, giving them a second chance at childhood.

We would love to keep you informed on what is happening at St Joseph’s.  Visit us on our face book page:, or by visiting our website  It is a great way to stay in touch with our on-going activities of St Joseph’s Home.

Sister Audrey Gourrah (Matron) and Berenice Eckhardt (Resource Development) with Dutch nursing interns Femke, Esmee and Kirsten. They donated wet wipes and toiletries to SJH.

From left, Carer Roxanne, Staff nurse Tina and Staff nurse Lanese unpacks a large donation of wet wipes donated by Monteagle International.