A very special 60 th birthday - Stanley Adams

One of  St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children (SJH) employees, Stanley Adams, celebrated a very special 60 th birthday today. Apart from his birthday celebrations, he was also honoured by Scouts South Africa, with two awards, one regional and one national for his life- long dedication and special service to the Scouts. Originally a patient at St Joseph’s, Stanley was employed by the Home when he turned 18 and now has more than fifty years’ service.  Facing huge health and physical challenges since the age of  1 year 6 months, Stanley never gave up. Today he is regarded as “a pearl employee” at SJH and “does the work of two people”, says Thea Patterson, director at St Joseph’s.  He is also a  role model to all SJH patients who suffer from life limiting or life threatening  conditions, and/or disability.

(Paddy Milner, Western Cape Regional Commissioner (left) and Leander Thielman, District General for the region, (right) hand over to Stanley (middle) his awards.)

Thank you! St Joseph’s Nappy campaign has started with a bang!

Thank you!

St Joseph’s Nappy campaign has started with a bang! Rotary Claremont collected a large number of disposable nappies for the children.

(Picture Above: Here we have our Rehab Care Workers (RCW) and Berenice from the Resource Section counting and sorting the different sizes) 

Pictured below: here, are some of the patients who will be benefiting from the generous donation.

The official nappy campaign will kick off on July 1. It will form part of a special campaign which St Joseph’s will run over 100 days.

It will honour Madiba’ s 100 years which SJH will translate into 100 days of giving.