Thank you St Joseph’s

A letter of appreciation from a service provider:


The staff and I thank St Joseph’s Home for the support in getting your masks from us. Your order encouraged us to get the mask making started and on the go.  It has meant we have been able to employ staff and stay open instead of having to close down.  Our families have food on the table and we are continuing to make masks


Kind Regards

Gail Brown




Thank you Kimberley-Clark!

St Joseph’s would like to express our sincere appreciation for a donation of 809 nappy packs valued at R 180 975.19!

Your donation will be a huge saving to the home, and we are grateful receiving a total of 40 442 nappies. This will stretch the need of nappies in two wards over a period of 160 days.

Calore Donation

Thank you to Calore Fireplaces and Stoves who once again donated 70 (15kg) bags of pellets to St Joseph’s valued at R5 000 to warm up the eco-friendly fireplaces in the wards.  This gesture is much appreciated!

Cape Town Clothing Guild donates much needed winter clothes!

This donation is a huge expense savings to the Home, and we are grateful to have received the following items:

  • 5 x bags winter clothing (jerseys, jackets, pants, sleepwear, warm hats, underwear’s, socks, dresses, tops, shorts, scarfs, vests, etc.)
  • 2 x boxes infant clothing  (towel nappies, and baby blankets)

The above donation will help us to reduce the quantity of stock that still to be purchased, and will keep our children looking beautiful and warm throughout the cold days of 2020 winter season.

Thank you!