A Donation for St Joseph's

Raimund and Ursula Meyer (left) visited St Joseph’s with Sister Annemarie (third from left) and handed a Euro donation over to Thea Patterson (second from left). Alrika Hefers, manager resource development is on the far right.

Sister Annemarie and Sister Priscilla show Raimund one of the wards. The other family members who contributed to wards the donation were:
Matthias and Ernestine Meyer (parents of Raimund) Susanna Blum (mother of Ursula)
Theresa Meyer (daughter of Raimund and Ursula) Susanne Meyer (daughter of Raimund and Ursula)


Celebrating 81 years in caring for children

St Joseph’s recently celebrated 81 years in caring for children from poor backgrounds who are in need of a holistic programme (24 hr. medical care, school and rehab and other support services) as intermediate care  following the patient’s discharge from one of the acute hospitals in the Western Cape- but still needs care prior to returning home.  A special Thanksgiving Mass was held and the Archbishop’s birthday was noted when he received a gift:

From left is Ethan (patient), Archbishop Brislin and Thea Patterson, director.

St Joseph’s chronically ill Children's home renovations

St Joseph’s Home for Chronically  Ill Children in Montana, is currently completing huge renovations to its wards and premises in excess of R40 million. One of the main intentions is to create child friendly wards which will enhance the process of healing. Two women from the southern suburbs have taken on the challenge to create an artwork which adds to the homely atmosphere. Ms Thea Patterson, director at St Joseph’s commissioned mosaic artist, Michelle Macleod-Smith to design an appropriate mural which could be enjoyed by the patients, parents and staff alike. “I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” Michelle says.

Tree of Life

She started in June and worked for just more than nine weeks on the “Tree of Life”. She has created a tree of no less than 206 individual leaves, sparkling with a variety of colours and designs. Each leaf is different and represents the uniqueness of every child  the we care for. Michelle has been a mosaic artist for the past 11 years.