Intermediate Health Care

We Welcome

Patients who require 24-hour specialised and general nursing care

Patients who are medically stable

Patients aged between birth and 17 years and 6 months

Patients who require rehabilitation, with a fair to good prognosis

Services Include

Post acute and chronic care, palliative and respite care. Rehabilitation and restorative care include physio, OT, speech, social work support and placement, and sessional psychology.

What we do

  • offer 24-hour specialized and general nursing care
  • provide access to medical treatment
  • offer multidisciplinary intervention:
  • provide preschool and primary school education on site
  • provide accommodation for parents
  • Provide education and training to parents and caregivers about their child’s condition and future care needs
  • provide transport to hospital and home
  • monitor the wellbeing of patient six months after discharge

Useful Information on the Admission Process

Admission panel meetings are held every Wednesday at St Joseph’s. To be considered, the Home will need the following:

  • Referral form
  • Road to Health card
  • Discharge plan
  • I.D.’s of parents
  • Birth certificate
  • Last school report
  • LSEN report (for school-going children up to grade 7).
  • Additional reports by allied health professionals, e.g. OT, Physio-, speech therapy and Psychology

On Admission the Patient Should

  • Have a month’s supply of medication, special consumables e.g. colostomy bags
  • Have one month’s supply of formula milk
  • Have a discharge letter
  • Have his/her follow-up appointment card.
  • Be accompanied by a parent

Let's work together and give a child a second chance at a healthy childhood!

Contact Details

Physical Address

40 Palloti Road, Montana 7490

Postal Address

P.O Box 21, Howard Place 7450


+27 (0)21 934 0352


+27 (0)21 934 7404


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