Donate Products

Last year we saved nearly R300,000 in products, thanks to our generous donors.

Product donations are welcome and we provide a list of items you may consider to donate.

Items like soap, disposable nappies, shampoo, new and good second hand children’s and babies’ clothes and tinned food are always in demand. Donations can be delivered at our premises or call us to discuss possible collection.

Donate Products the Children Need

Pajamas (2 – 18years)
Underwear: panties & briefs all ages

Vests (0 – 6 years)
School socks white & grey, all sizes
School shoes, all sizes
White school shirts
Grey school pants

Canned food (meat, fish, veg & fruit)

Milk powder & long life milk (full cream)

Soup powder

Cooking oil




Beans (packets: kidney, butterbeans, red, etc)

Weetbix, mealie meal & instant porridge



Tea bags


Juice/Cordial concentrates (that mix with water)


Peanut butter

We portion to make weekend food parcels

Macaroni & Spaghetti

Babies & Toddlers Toiletries

Aqueous Cream Pure – no fragrance

Pure Vaseline – no fragrance

Baby powder

Bum cream

Baby bath soap – mild

Baby shampoo

Mild bath soap

Shampoo & conditioner


Body lotion

Hair brushes

Hair food