Speech Therapy

Children develop speech and acquire language through regular interaction and attachment with their mother/ care-giver from the moment they are born. At St. Joseph’s most of the children have been hospitalised for a long period of time and often require on-going medical care and rehabilitation due to chronic illness.


St. Joseph’s Home’s speech and language service provides assessment and both direct and indirect management to long-term in-patients or patients attending our block therapy program. These patients may present with complex speech, language, communication and/or feeding difficulties related to their medical diagnosis, tracheostomy or pro-longed hospitalisation. We believe in following a holistic approach to every child’s needs which includes assessment of their daily environment and routines to ensure access to speech and language stimulation, social interaction with peers, opportunities for play, exploring the environment and to foster all areas of child development.

st-josephs-home-speech-therapy2An emphasis is placed on training and partnering with parents/care-givers, volunteers, nurses and all other staff working with the child as far as possible in order to promote the implementation and carry-over of individual speech therapy goals into their daily living.