Yesterday, the kids of St Joseph’s Home became the lucky recipients of an indestructible table tennis board, guaranteed to provide hours of activity. The donation worth about R40,000 was initiated by one of the volunteers, Max, while Unthando’s James Fernie (founding director) facilitated the donation. Uthando (Love South Africa) is a unique model of Travelling Philanthropy and Responsible Tourism linking the local and international tourism industry focused on South Africa with a broad range of innovative, inspiring and well managed community development projects.

Sponsor a table tennis cement table is one of  Uthando’s projects which they seek sponsorships for. According to James, they are incredibly excited to help transform communities through sport. These cement tables are a first in South Africa.

The first table was installed at Welcome Primary School in Heideveld on 26 June 2017 which proved a huge success. St Joseph’s is proud to have one too!