2 Positions:

(1) Medical Officer for St Joseph’s Home

Job spec

Working on a part time basis of 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. Will be required to be on call for emergencies. Any call out will be included in the overall hours for the period.

Skills required:

  • general paediatrics (advising on common health problems in all children),
  • long term health conditions and palliative care
  • neurodevelopmental paediatrics
  • Interpersonal skills (for liaison purposes and teamwork).


  • Hospital environment
  • Public health sector

Key responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly admissions meetings
  • Daily ward rounds with sister on duty
  • Seeing specific cases
  • Support for the Rehabilitation team
  • Liaison with the hospital paediatric teams, as needed as well as with the outreach registrars
    • Follow up appointments
    • Reviewing Medical plans for the child
  • Liaison with Family physician at Bishop Lavis CHC
  • Medication and scripts

Remuneration and benefits:

Based on sessional MO rate of 10 years or more for an average of 44 hours per month

Please send applications and CV to


(2) Dietician

Job spec

Working on a part time basis of 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. Reporting to Deputy Matron and will be accountable to NTSS DOH dietician.

Skills/experience required:


  • Public/ health sector
  • Therapeutic experience
  • BSC Dietetics
  • HPCA registration


Key responsibilities:

  • Compilation of individual care plans
  • Review of food plans
  • Ordering of baby special food supplies
  • Design , evaluate, modify menus for children as well as specialised menus ie salt free and sugar free
  • Oversee the milk kitchen
  • Monitoring of patients growth
  • Prescribing feeds for babies and toddlers
  • Referrals to CHC’s for follow up
  • Participation in MDT and case discussions
  • Training of nursing staff in administration and measurement of food intake
  • Student supervision


Remuneration and benefits will be based on DOH sessional rate for an average of 44 hours per month.

Please send applications and CV to