Starting the year off with a bang, St Josephs’ Home for Chronically Ill Children hosted a one-day paediatric referral symposium for social workers from different state hospitals. The symposium was organised and facilitated by Western Cape Government Health to discuss challenges regarding the referral process within the paediatric intermediate care policy.

Facilitated by Ms Delray Fourie from the department, the interactive workshop covered various topics like communications (fast feedback), policies, age restriction in referrals, understanding processes and the role and responsibility of support after discharge- the child at home.

She emphasized that the discharge of a patient, is a process and more input is needed to develop an internal policy for Health. The current one was drafted with adults in mind.

SJH’s representation included a multi-disciplinary team supported by the Director, Thea Patterson, Sister Audrey Gourrah, Matron and Faiza Achmat, Therapeutic Manager.  The day concluded with a question and answer session, while a tour of the facilities at SJH was also conducted.